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Discover the World of Personalised Number Plates

Private Number Plates receive increasing attention from motorists who want their cars to stand out. Land Rover drivers may be attracted by the idea of coupling their impressive 4x4s with a unique registration. Film actor and ex-footballer, Vinnie Jones, has already snapped up 100 VJ for his Range Rover – a personal plate, which has the added appeal of making Vinnie’s vehicle completely exclusive.

Land the Ideal Plate...

When describing the Land Rover, one could easily use words like "spirit", "adventure" and "fun", as these vehicles are well known for being an adventurer's car. As well as number plates that contain one's initials, name or even profession, there is also interest in plates that show off a car's personality. Perhaps one of the following would be an interesting addition to a Land Rover?

There are also registrations available for particular models of car. One would really set off the Land Rover Discovery, or 'Disco' with one of the following plates:

A Few Rules to Remember...

Buying a personalised number plate can be great fun, but there are certain rules that must not be ignored. Firstly, one must be aware that it is illegal to display a plate, which would make the vehicle appear to be newer than it actually is. Therefore, if one were interested in the registration LE51 URE above, it must be realised that this registration could not appear on a car that was manufactured before September 2001. However, with the genius of "Plate Speak", several alternatives are often available. Perhaps an alternative, such as L315 URE, would be suitable?

There are also some specific rules regarding the presentation of registrations. All motorists must adhere to the following for law enforcement purposes:

Ignoring these regulations may result in permanent removal of the offending registration and a fine of £1000.

Looking to Invest?

Many registrations have great investment potential, with low number, dateless plates coming out on top as the most desirable. The plate 1 OY, for example, was purchased for £3400 in 1994. Today, it is now valued at £75,000, and could fetch more! And it’s not only these types of plates that increase in value. The plate PAU 1Y, purchased for £3000 in 1996 is now worth £25,000.

Cherished number plates are exclusive, maintenance-free and can suit any budget (prices start at around £200). To add that exclusive, finishing touch, a personalised registration could be the ideal discovery.

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