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Possible French Meetings

Use this forum to post your own events. Note that any events posted here are not approved or sanctioned by the DOC, and will not be covered by DOC public liability insurance.

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Possible French Meetings

Post by Moose » Sat Nov 29, 2008 9:18 pm

Guys and Girls

I received this today along with 30 other LR club secretaries, I know nothing about the place, so if you intend to go please check it out first.

They are a commercial establishment, and as such I don't want to give the place free advertising however as they appear to be offering a discount of some sort for members and a free meeting place I have decided to post the mail up, I have removed the web link.

Good afternoom

We are living in Escalles in France, near Calais and manage a restaurant in the village

We own two defender (90 TD5 and 110 TD4) for two years

We have just the idea to create a new meeting, just for pleasure, in our small village.

We can organise on site a meal where everybody can meet and speak about Land Rover and experience. We will do a special rate or anything pleasant for this meeting

We know that it is not really simple to start this organisation, but again, JUST FOR PLEASURE

Please send and advise this information to everybody you know

We can organise this day on a special date, the second saturday of the month for exemple. We know that at the begening, there will be just a few cars but later.....

We hope to see you and your friends soon in Escalles

Clotilde and Didier WASCHEUL

(Sorry for my English)

4 place de la Mairie
tel : +33 3 21 85 25 10
fax : +33 3 21 36 12 83
mail : contact@restaurantducap.com
Founder Shiny Blue Crew - Established 2001


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