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Calendar events

Use this forum to post your own events. Note that any events posted here are not approved or sanctioned by the DOC, and will not be covered by DOC public liability insurance.

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Calendar events

Post by seanblee » Sun Apr 03, 2005 2:58 pm

How to post a calendar event on the forum:

1. In one of the two Forthcoming Events boards or the Pub Meets, click the New Thread button.
2. On the posting page that appears, enter the subject.
3. Right below the Subject field is the Calendar Event section.

There are 2 modes for posting events, Simple and Advanced.

In Simple mode, you can create a straightforward 1-day event; just click the date picker icon (between the date field with 'Select -->' in it and the 'Clear Date' button) and select the date you require.

In Advanced mode, you can create events that last several days and recurring events. Check the 'advanced' tickbox and a new line will be displayed. Use the date picker on this line to select an end date. Enter the interval between repetitions in days/weeks/months/years and check the 'Repeat forever' box for a recurring event.

PLEASE NOTE: The Forthcoming Events and Pub Meets boards are all visible to the general public, so please do not post any personal details you mind non-members having.

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