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PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2005 11:21 pm
by seanblee
Welcome to the Discovery Owners Club Forums!

Full access to this forum is one of the many benefits of club membership. To give you a taster of what's inside, we provide this non-members board to allow you to ask any quick questions you may have, perhaps before buying a new vehicle, or if you have any queries regarding club membership.

For answers to more in-depth technical queries and suchlike, you should consider joining the club. Membership for 2013/14 has been set at £24 for an individual and £29 for a family - you can join online on this page, and a forum account will automatically be set up for you. Aside from the advantage of full access to this forum, the financial benefits offered through the discounts the club has arranged with insurers, parts suppliers and service agents, amongst others, means that your membership can effectively pay for itself and more besides within weeks!

Note that this board is regularly pruned, and old threads are moved to a technical archive accessible to members only.

Please enjoy your stay, and we hope to see you on the inside soon!