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Road noise / transmission rumble

PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 2016 12:48 pm
by Alan S
Hi Forum,
I have a 2009 Discovery 3 with 130,000 miles. I thought I had a front diff problem due to a rumble and vibration between 55-60 mph. Vehicle went in for repair but I was informed it was not the diff but transfer box. Box was replaced but problem identical. Garage removed transfer box and suggested tyres. New set of AT General Grabbers fitted (vehicle used in Alps in the winter). Problem still exists. At about 55 to 60 it feels as though the front n/s wheel is running over a faint rumble strip. Steering wheel vibrates and noise. Above 60 it clears. Also when driving round the hairpins (on Tarmac) in the mountains, the vehicle judders quite violently until you power through the corner. Sometimes at 30 to 40 you feel as though the car is pulsing with a slight hesitation.
Any ideas greatly appreciated. It's driving me mad.