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Buying a disco

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Buying a disco

Post by DannyC23 » Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:36 am

I'm looking to buy a disco over the next month or two.
My budget isn't very high I'm talking like 2k max, it would be used as my everyday family car and eventually my off roader. So I'm torn between a disco 1 or 2 after a couple of weeks looking I've noticed the average mileage is roughly 150k some as high as 200k and beyond should this be a put off. I think given the age and the nature of land rovers being work horses high mileage is expected but I'm unsure what to consider high. When buying a car I wouldn't look at anything beyond 100k.
Lastly would it be better to buy one standard and modify it myself or buy one ready modified and what should I look for in terms of bank busting problems when viewing one.
I'm looking for a 'little' bit of comfort as like I said its going to be a family car. I have been in countless disco they didn't seem too bad but I've never driven one.
Any help or advice is appreciated guys.

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Re: Buying a disco

Post by Knappster » Sat Mar 11, 2017 11:50 am

Hi Danny,

For your budget, you can get a disco 1 but bear in mind they are nearly 20 years old at their newest and unlikely to be much under 100k miles. You could also get a disco 2, probably one of the earliest ones but again you may have to compromise on the mileage. A higher mileage is not an issue if the vehicle has been regularly serviced and looked after. Check service history too.

The disco 1 has a good chassis but the body suffers from rust, particularly the boot floor, front inner wings, body sills and rear wheel arches. You could get one that has had welding done, which would save a lot in terms of labour costs. The disco 2 has issues with rust on the rear chassis above the axle. Repair sections are available but again factor in cost of fitting. Also on the disco 2, check the electrics are working and the air suspension if fitted.

Both are quite comfortable for family use. I've had one of each and they are very versatile vehicles. As for getting one already modified for off-road use, it may already have had some use/abuse off road so check thoroughly. There are lots of discoveries about, particularly disco 2's so look at loads, test-drive and be prepared to keep looking. Decent disco 1's are starting to hold their value so a disco 2 may fit into your budget better. Off-road kit isn't cheap and a decent set of tyres will cost upwards of £500.

Others with their experiences will be along soon. Let us know how you get on. :)


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Re: Buying a disco

Post by DannyC23 » Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:55 pm

Hi Rich,
Thank you for your reply.
Your advice is much needed, I am going to view and disco 2 with 105k. The guy selling it is interested in my current car so could be a bargain deal, it looks clean and tidy but as far as history goes he only has what the previous owner had given him which is a red flag in my opinion. I've goto start somewhere I suppose.

As for off road kit being expensive, I plan on keeping and cherishing my disco for many years to come hopefully bringing It back to life,I will be adding the off road kit over time so the cost will be spread out.

I look forward to owning a landy myself and joining up with you guys as a enthusiast.

I will update you guys on the viewing.


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Re: Buying a disco

Post by Trevor7733 » Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:22 pm

I've owned mine for about 9 months and I travel 90 miles a day in it and can report no problems, apart from sticky door locks, repaired easily after advice from this forum.
Make sure you get a good service record (mine was serviced by a main dealer but the calipers were seized and had not been looked at for years, despite invoices to the contrary). Frequent oil changes will help, I change mine every 6 k miles with the centrifugal filter (TD5).
As above try and find one with little or no rust and make sure the electrics work. Air suspension is lovely, i have it on the rear. Should it go wrong, you have a choice to repair or replace with springs (junk the air compressor).
Check the exhaust manifold is not warped, look for soot around the manifold, usually the front or rear of the manifold.
Keep the oils topped up and flush out the rad and air cooler for the turbo. Pretty much about it really. Most of the major faults will of been sorted by now, either under warranty or by the previous owner. Engines go on for 200k plus if looked after.
They do cost more in my opinion to maintain than say other Jap 4x4's and I've owned a few but they are endearing to say the least.

Get to know your way around it and find a local enthusiast to compare notes and for advice. One with a Nanovip would be good.

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Re: Buying a disco

Post by nigel3809 » Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:07 pm

Just found out that I have owned my Discovery 1 for 9 years now, it has 170k miles on the clock.

During my ownership it has had many modifications for off roading and to keep it road worthy a lot of welding over the years.

This year was touch and go if it would last after a 2nd hand auto gear box and turbo as well as new alternator, then a few months later a load of welding to. But I decided to do it as cant afford to replace it and it has sentimental value now.

Buying one that is modified will be more expensive, but don't let the mods divert your eyes from any issues that it may have though could work out cheaper in the long run. Having a blank canvas is also fun as it then lets you do what you want.
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It seems I just can’t sell any lol

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