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How many software updates does one car need?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:12 pm
by allanjohn
How many software updates does one car need?
My 16 Discovery Sport has been in to the garage twice for recall work, they also updated the computer at the same time.
Then it has been back to the garage twice more, just to update the software and twice Land rover assistance have been out to me to update the software.
At present I am waiting to go back to my garage (5th December) as I had a displayed message on Monday stating that a service is required in 1400 miles, then on Wednesday is said service required in 550 miles, then on Thursday is just displayed service required. I had only driven 30 miles in that week.
Can anyone advise me if my vehicle computer is faulty?
Alternatively, is this normal and I will have to continue to take my vehicle back to the garage every two or three months for software updates as I have done so far?