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Keep or sell?

PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:42 pm
by Sheepy.izzi
Hi, I bought my L93 disco 200tdi in 2005. For the first few years we spent more money in floors, sills, welds etc than i care to mention. On going work has been maintenance, welding etc, done when needed. We pay a mechanic to do the work as neither myself nor my crock of an old mum are capable. Dizzy came with 169000 miles on the clock and in the 12 years we've had her, now has 211500, which over 12 years isn't much. She averages only about 3000 miles per year and that's nipping to town, taking dog to vets monthly or whenever the dog decides she wants to go and towing a small livestock trailer to an abattoir as i'm a smallholder. I'm also VERY sorry, but she's NEVER gone off roading in her life! Now, the problem, last October the original gear box blew and no-one in my area wanted to touch it due to age etc. We have got it fixed and she runs like a trooper! She purrs like a kitten which makes decisions hard as apart from breaking down, she's never let us down! Mechanic who fixed the gears said she needs now to be sold on to someone who is a disco nut as floors/welds/sills etc will need work again and seeing that we can't do the work ourselves, it wouldn't be cost effective to retain her. That and he said the engine is getting on, though apparently we were told it was reconditioned when we bought the car. What do we do? Both mum and I like Dizzy. We can park her anywhere and see over other cars and she's reliable! We've been borrowing a hyundai 12 year old car and the first bit of cold weather, and it's dead! Our 24 year old girl is roaring to go!