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Discourse Articles

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Discourse Articles

Post by Moose » Thu Oct 04, 2007 1:21 pm

Discourse Articles

As I am sure you are aware we collectively try to keep the content of Discourse, to a high proportion of features from club members and the Land Rover scene in general. Rather than let it become an advertising pamphlet?

I know the current issue is running a bit late, this is due in the main to the Editor having to chase and ask for articles to put in to fill the blank spaces. There are amongst you folks who do contribute, and we are all grateful for there efforts, however we do need more.

If you feel you can produce a write up on an event, trip or repair, please give it a go, if you want some advice on suitability, drop me a PM, I am no expert but will advise as best I can.

If you do produce an article for inclusion, lots of photos is always a good thing, however please can you keep the photos separate and not imbed these in the article as it helps greatly with editing.

May-be you can help in another way; I am interested in collecting/ seeing details for special editions of D1 and D2 for a future article. I am particularly interested in photos and copies or scans of sales literature for the foreign versions; I know the French had a number of limited editions. Any information would be gratefully received.
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