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Land Rover 60th Anniversary

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Land Rover 60th Anniversary

Post by Moose » Sat Nov 24, 2007 11:26 pm

60th Anniversary Heritage Land Rover Weekend 3rd and 4th May

This show is looking to be a very big event if it all comes off, Land Rover as well as the club need your help on this. The initial details are as follows.

The show will have;
2 Heritage runs as carried out previously, one of Saturday and one Sunday.
A feature event made up of designated areas for Land Rover models this will take up all the room in front of the museum.
A trade/ club area up on the meadow (camping field)
A camping area over the main road in a 10 acre field
Public car park within LR Gaydon complex.

There is an awful lot of detail to go with this, the fundamentals are.
a) The Feature area (40m x 40m in the case of the Discovery), will need to show via the vehicles it contains, a representation of the production history of the Discovery. We could get one from each year and line them up, this the organisers hope will NOT happen; they want more of a diorama. Ideas needed.
b) The vehicle must represent the production ideal of the model, i.e. no purple lightweights with alloy wheels, they must be as intended, i.e. military finishes in their case. This also means that highly modified Discos are out.
c) The feature area is for the model of Land Rover, and not an extension of the club stand. Therefore no regalia, marquee, etc. it also means for example that the guys from the ex military Land Rover club, will need to talk to the 101 club and Lightweights to organise / oversee vehicles from these clubs as well as there own. This applies to all those at the meeting, we are to act as co-ordinator for HMC not necessarily for the clubs we belong to.
d) The feature areas are at present
Defender, 90 &110
Expedition (G4, Camel, etc)
Very specials (one offs from Dunsfold and the like)
Range Rover
e) Insurance on the feature is provided by HMC, times required on the stand are 10-6 Saturday, 10-4 Sunday. Only very very limited access will be provided for vehicles from the run

Club stand are up on the trade field will be 8x8m square for all clubs – no exception.
One pitch on the club stands only. In the case of the DOC this size equates to the Marquee and one car.

Camping is the other side of the main road. Water, loos and waste are provided as is security and a police operated road crossing. The field will open Thursday afternoon and close Monday night.

The public/day visitor parking will be up nearer the main LR facility, Land Rover only parking will be available there.

For entry on the run, please use www.hlrw.co.uk
For entry to the feature please email me.
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