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Annual General Meeting 2005

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Annual General Meeting 2005

Post by seanblee » Tue Mar 22, 2005 12:00 am

Following the AGM on the 19th March 2005 at Leamington Spa, the Discovery Owners Club is pleased to announce the following changes to the committee.

After 3 years as Club Chairman Neil Brownlee decided to step down and three nominations were received for the post. Darren Burgess, Peter Greenway and Malcolm Bourne. All three gave a short address to the attending members with their past experiences and their aims for the club if voted in. After some close voting Peter Greenway was elected Club Chairman. Peter brings previous Club Chairman experience, a wealth of knowledge and is well known on the Land Rover circuit.

Malcolm Bourne agreed to take on the Events Co-ordinator role after Tim Arnold stepped down (new partner, new baby, more work!) after 3 year in the role. Malcolm has experience of, and contacts for car and transport shows, he is a very keen caravanner and has buckets of enthusiasm.

Darren Burgess is a popular club member and will continue to help with his wealth of overland travel experience and technical knowledge.

A new position was voted in for a Club President and we are very pleased to see John Capewell accept this role. John is DOC member #1 and was one of the founding members. John will be out there working more magic for the club and putting in a good word for us at every opportunity he can. At the AGM John was very happy to take on the new role and said, "I am confident that the club had moved forward and was in a good position to become the biggest club within the Land Rover movement".

Stefan Tapp, also a member since the clubs inception five years ago takes on the role of Press and Publicity Officer, Jon Hunt takes on the role of Club Shop Officer. The remaining Committee positions remain the same as each member stood down and were duly re-elected.

An additional resolution was unanimously voted in to change the club's ARC status from non-competitive to competitive, this amongst other things will allow DOC members to enter competitions under the clubs name.

The next 12 months look very exciting in the club with the added benefits of some very big names coming forward and offering substantial discounts to club members. Some discounts are so good, they will give you the cost of membership back and put money back in your pocket. How's that for value!

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